Top Tier Direct Sales


While performing due diligence, a successful network marketing startup must include top tier direct sales companies during the research.

Going to hotel meetings, home parties, chasing down your friends and family, driving all over town to "show the plan" are no longer effective methods to create a successful business in today's industry. These methods take an enormous amount of time and planning for relatively little return (not to mention, pain and rejection). A Top Tier opportunity actually discourages these marketing tactics.

Top Tier Direct Sales is a relatively new term, and it classifies premium network marketing companies that have chosen to promote high yield products utilizing affiliate representatives. This strategy also allows the business to be mobile since it does not require the affiliate to have parties, keep any inventory, be liable for the products, or be in charge of shipping/handling.

The top network marketers today understand that with a top tier marketing system, you can attain your income goals much faster. Top Tier Direct Sales opportunities are those that have at least a six figure income potential in the first year of business and therefore require a higher initial investment.

Top Tier Direct Sales affiliate representatives are solely in charge of their own marketing. For that, most companies will usually pay a 60% commission on every sale, which is by far the most lucrative payout for any network marketing startup.

Top Tier Direct Sales Benefits

  • High Profit Levels (typically $1000-$9000, depending on tier)
  • Lucrative Turnkey Business- Systems are already in place. Follow the Leader.
  • Training, Networking and Masterminding with other entrepreneurs in the business is vital to success, therefore heavily leveraged.
  • No Inventory, shipping, employees, or parties
  • Typically, A cell phone and laptop is all that is needed making this a truly mobile strategy
  • Residual Income through future sales
  • No MLM-style levels to share profits with.
  • No "Selling". The system works for you. You provide the information and collect a decision on the purchase

Top Tier Direct Sales companies focus on premium products, and prize the quality of their representatives, rather than the quantity. This means that a Top Tier Direct Sales company startup will range from $2000 - $9000,

The most important part of the "Tier" system is the residual income generated with the sales: to focus only on the most qualified representatives, By focusing on the quality of its members, and offering massive commissions, top tier direct sales eliminate the need for extensive "downlines" - a handful of active representatives will produce $10,000 monthly with only two 2nd tier qualifying sales.

Some of the Most lucrative Top-Tier Direct Sales Companies:

Polaris Media Group

Liberty League International

LifePath Unlimited

Global Resorts Network

Wealth Masters International

What makes a Top Tier marketing system so effective?

3 components you should look for in a marketing system if you want to be truly effective in as little time as possible:

Component #1: It automates the aspects that don't make you money.

Time is valuable and no one has much of it. Noone likes to sell and trying to explain your business to others and tell them why they need to be in business with you takes a lot of time. In the past it took the most time. Today, people hate to be sold on something but they love to make decisions for themselves. Your system should do all the explaining for you and allow your prospects to decide for themselves to take the next step. This keeps you from spending your valuable time with the "tire kickers" and people that are "just curious."

Component #2: It educates you on how to generate targeted traffic to your website.

The system should teach you how to target your market or niche so you're only dealing with people that are looking for what you have. Hits to your website are no good if people are not buying what you're selling. So, an effective system will teach you how to target the traffic you want.

Component #3: The training and traffic generation methods should be continuously updated.

To stay on top of the market and be ahead of other marketers, you want to have access to the latest information and the newest techniques available. You want to know that there are people constantly researching and updating the system with the most current and useful methods of training and traffic generation. Remember, the ability to generate targeted traffic and training the people that decide to partner with you is vitally important to an effective network marketing system.

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